Leasing Vs Buying a Car

The decision about leasing vs Buying is a very important one. Almost always the best financial decision is to buy the car, we will explore both. 

Lets first explore Leasing. 

1- Leasing

- When you Lease a car you are essentially renting the car for a period of time, usually 3-4 years. 

- You do NOT own the car. 

- You have a choice of a "Lease buyout" when the lease ends (buying the car) for a specified amount of money spelled out in the contract. 

- Monthly payments are usually lower when compared to Buying a car, essentially you are paying for the depreciation of the car (the loss in value of the car in those 3 years). 

- The number of miles vary from 10,000 to 15,000, the exact number can be negotiated, however if you surpass that number every mile after will be charged, exact price varies. Calculate closely how much you commute and see if it makes sense. 

- There might be a charge for excess wear and tear which will have to be paid when the car is returned. 

- Inability to modify the car. 

For some individuals a lease might work, for example owners of a business might write off the lease as a business expense. Some individuals feel safer with the reliability of a new car every 3-4 years, some might just have an expensive taste but not the money to afford it. ​


2- Buying 

- More expensive to begin with but at the end you own the car. 

- Planning to stay with the car for 5 years or more. 

- Repairs and maintenance are part of owning a car and will need to be factored into the equation. 

- NO mileage limitation. 

- Ability to modify the car as you please.

- After the car is payed off no monthly payments, the longer the car runs the more cost effective it becomes.  

At the end the best financial move will be to buy the car, unless you are a business owner and are able to write off the car as a business expense. 

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