Our Story

We are two board certified internal medicine physicians with a special interest in helping others live and get well, but also live a financially healthy life. 

Graduating from medical school with an enormous amount in student loans combined, paying it off seemed like a feat impossible to overcome. It was not easy; sacrifices were made along the way. The hardest was to unlearn consumerism (which we still struggle with) and live below our means. Some of the many sacrifices we made were packing food for lunch daily, purchasing a 1930's fixer upper house which we love, forgoing the fancy wedding, etc.


With a laser focus determination, we finally got over that hurdle and we want to help you get over yours. Our goal is to make financial information available and easy to understand.  Financial literacy was not taught in our homes or in medical school. We had to learn it. It is our wish for you to become financially healthy.


Jose Lampreabe, MD and Grace Imson, MD. 

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